Bass – Seahorse


“Seahorse” is our singlecut bass model and we designed it with two things in mind: Tone and sustain! For that reason the neck joins the body right after the 12th fret and it can be offered as a bolt- on or set-neck construction. You can choose between 4,5 or 6 string version and a fretless option is also available. We prefer high mass bridges, with string through body operation, in order to enhance the instrument’s sustain and resonance. The neck is laminated, with two carbon fibre rods added, so that we can eliminate dead spots and make it super-stiff. Combined with handmade Nick Silver Pickups this bass can be the ultimate sound machine!


Detailed Options

Body: Alder, Swamp ash, Honduran mahogany, Spanish cedar, Black limba, White limba, Okoume, other. Optional body chambering.

Top: Maple (flamed, quilted, spalted), burl poplar, spalted beech, black walnut, carpathian spruce, other.

Neck: 4,5, or 6 string version with 34″ or 35″ neck scale. Fretless version available.

Neck wood: Hard maple (quartersawn), flame maple, other. Laminated construction, with rosewood, purpleheart or wenge strips.

Fretboard: Ebony (black, exotic), rosewood, maple (flamed, birdseye, plain), purpleheart, wenge, other.

Frets: 18% nickel-silver or stainless steel.

Pickups: Handmade Nick Silver Pickups (check here for details and available models)

Tuners: Gotoh

Bridge: Gotoh, Hipshot, ABM

Electronics: CTS pots, orange drop capacitor

Finish: High gloss or matte